Water Quality Modelling

Lecture and Computer Laboratory Sessions

Professor: D. Andrew Barry (andrew.barry@epfl.ch)


  • Principles of aqueous phase chemistry and water phase, solid phase and gas phase reactions and mass transfers
  • Applications to water resources problems and remediation investigations


  • Overview of principles and modelling for water quality in water bodies and the subsurface
Topics to be covered will be selected from the following: water phase equilibrium
reactions, reaction kinetics, precipitation and dissolution, (mineral) surface reactions,
cation exchange, bioremediation and contamination degradation, redox reactions,
inverse reaction path modelling.
  • Modelling for prediction, diagnosis and design
The public domain geochemical modelling package, PHREEQC will be used extensively
for a variety of modelling scenarios and applications based on the reaction
processes described above.


  • Final examination
  • Weekly assignments
  • In class exercise (week 5)

Texts and Web Resources

There are many texts available, which can be located using search terms like “Water
Chemistry”, “Soil-Water Chemistry”, “Geochemistry” and so on. Also, there is much
material available on the web. A few examples of book titles and web sites are listed
below. You can easily find many more:

  • Albarède, F. 1995. Introduction to Geochemical Modeling. Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, UK
  • Appelo, C. A. J., and D. Potsma. 2005. Geochemistry, Groundwater and Pollution, 2nd Edition. A. A. Balkema Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Langmuir, D. 1997. Aqueous Environmental Geochemistry. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, USA
  • Lasaga, A. C. 1998. Kinetic Theory in the Earth Sciences. Princeton Univ. Press, Princeton, New Jersey, USA


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