Discrete Structures by Prof. Amin Shokrollahi

What we Will be Learning

  • Precision
    Write and think clear and precise statements
  • Formal reasoning
    Inference, proof techniques
  • Intuitive set theory
    Sets and operations on them, comparing sets, surprising facts about infinite sets
  • Methods for analyzing growth of functions
  • Elementary and recursive algorithms
  • Elementary number theory
    Congruences and what can be done with them
  • Induction techniques
  • Counting
    Combinatorics, methods for counting
  • Discrete probability theory

Teaching Staff

Primary Teaching Staff

Amin Shokrollahi
  • Will be teaching the classes
  • Office hours: Send e-mail for appointment
  • Email: amin dot shokrollahi at epfl dot ch
Anna-Lena Horlemann
  • Responsible for exercises and classes
  • Office hours: Send email for appointment
  • Email: anna-lena dot horlemann at epfl dot ch

Exercises - Doctoral Assistants

Manos Karpathiotakis
  • Co-responsible for exercises
  • Office hours: Tuesdays, 10 am-12 pm, BC 230
  • Email: manos dot karpathiotakis at epfl dot ch

Practical informations

Where, when

We will have two classes a week, both in CO1

  • Tuesdays from 8:15 to 10:00
  • Fridays from 8:15 to 10:00

Book we Will Follow

We will follow the book “Discrete Mathematics and its Applications” by Kenneth Rosen

  • 7th Edition
  • Global Edition
  • Book can be purchased at La Fontaine
  • You are supposed to read the book in parallel to the class