1. Introduction
Basics of LIMS - Historical background - Who uses LIMS nowadays?

2. What is a LIMS ?
LIMS components - Functionalities of a LIMS - Possible structures of LIMS - Interfacing with laboratory equipment - Four application fields of LIMS - Sample lifecycle within a LIMS - Validation - What does a LIMS and what it doesn't do -
Advantages et drawbacks of LIMS

 3. Implementation of a LIMS
Needs and requirements - Actors and resources involved - Traps to avoid - Migrations et updates

4. Two case studies
Why a LIMS ? - From the beginning to the final implementation - Consequences within the daily life of the company

5. Extensions for LIMS
External connections - Pharmaceutics special requests

6. The LIMS market
Main partners and others - Views of some existing LIMS

7. Some financial aspects
Direct and indirect costs
« ROI » : return on investment

8. View to the future
Growing importance and evolution of LIMS