This course covers the basic aspects of the numerical discretization and solution of the fluid flow and heat transfer equations within the finite volumes framework. Emphasis is on developing a in-house solver and on utilizing opensource CFD tools for more complex flow and heat transfer problems

This course has a very practical approach. Participants will learn the foundations of the numerical discretization based on the finite volumes method by implementing a simplified solver in Matlab to solve simple 1D and 2D fluid flow and heat transfer problems. Afterwards, participants will learn how to setup and solve flow and heat transfer problems in more complex geometries by means of opensource CFD tools (OpenFOAM and Paraview).

  • Review of Navier-Stokes and heat conduction/convection equations
  • Finite volume method
  • Steady and unsteady 1D and 2D heat conduction (Matlab, OpenFOAM)
  • Direct and iterative methods for the solution of the system of linear equations
  • Grid convergence analysis
  • Heat conduction/convection problems
  • Solution of flow field in 1D, staggered grids, pressure-velocity coupling (Matlab)
  • Laminar flow field and heat transfer in 2D and 3D (OpenFOAM)
  • Visualization and post-processing (Paraview)

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