Lasers Course Fall 2009 Instructors Dr. habil. Tobias J. Kippenberg (PATT) Dr. T. Sidler Time: 10:15 am – 1 pm Location: INM 200 Course description: Laser are of fundamental importance in science, engineering and technology. This course gives an introduction to Lasers by both considering fundamental principles and applications. Topics that are covered include the theory of lasers, laser resonators and laser dynamics. Different laser systems (gas lasers and solid state lasers) will be described. In addition the generation of laser pulses using mode-locked lasers will be covered, ultra-short pulse propagation as well as applications of ultra-fast lasers to optical frequency metrology discussed. In addition important properties such as laser line-width and fundamental noise will be covered as well as optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) and Raman lasers. Course website: Recommended Reading: Course schedule: Lecture/Date Topics covered Instructor 16-Sept Introduction, review of fundamental theory of light matter interaction, Maxwell equations TK 23-Sept Gain, optical resonators TK 30-Sept Laser oscillation, threshold, coherence TK 7-Oct Laser oscillation, laser line-width, coherent population oscillations TK 14-Oct Solid state lasers I TS 21-Oct Solid state lasers II, fiber lasers TS 28-Oct Semiconductor laser devices TS 4 - Nov Mode locking and femtosecond lasers TK 11 –Nov Femtosecond laser Frequency Metrology TK 18- Nov Noise in laser devices, laser stabilization TK 25 Nov Semiconductor laser applications TS 2- Dec Optical parametric oscillators (OPO), Raman Lasers TK 9-Dec Laser security TS 16-Dec Laboratory visits TS+TK