As studio Jo Taillieu always deals with the idea of the reference - what is your frame of reference - but also the idea of the practice - on one hand working on many different projects at the same time on the other hand starting from the detail immediately -; the studio is not only looking for a possible architecture regarding a simulated exercise but rather a possible architect in a studio simulating a practice. Observation - rather than analyse - and imagination - rather than concept - are part of this approach. A strong belief in the variety of media - from handmade drawing to crafted modelling not only as a result but rather as an ongoing method - are the instruments on the table.

An intense way of working - as an intense way of living - the credo.

Studio Jo Taillieu announced studio HOUSE BURN ANTI-HOUSE. Representation of houses from selected architects will be the starting point for the exercises. Yet finding out about details in the precise making of that house. Burning the house; redefining a fragment through interpretations of that house and an adopted house, in fact two fragments.

The context is Belgium and elsewhere; where the houses were, but inverse. Looking for traces of what was there as opportunities for life; to become your anti-house.