Information About Exercise Session 2

Information About Exercise Session 2

par Sena Kiciroglu,
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Dear all, 

We would like to give you information regarding the 2'nd graded exercise session, which will take place on Tuesday 14.05.2019 beginning at 17:20.

  • The graded exercise will be similar to the weekly exercise sessions. You will be given some theoretical background on the topic, and asked to fill in missing parts in the code. There will be several multiple-choice questions about the topic as well. 
    • Please do not forget to bring a laptop with you and make sure that your environment works, in particular that you are able to import numpy, sklearn, matplotlib.pyplot, torch. 
  • The graded exercise will be similar in topic to one of the exercise sessions that took place between the first graded exercise and the exercise session on 30.04.2019. It is a good idea to review these exercises beforehand.
  • You are allowed to use all course materials (lecture notes and previous exercise sessions). You are not allowed to use the internet during the exercise session (only to upload your completed exercise on Moodle). 
    • Typing the function name, then ? into Jupyter notebook will give you the function description along with examples. Try it yourself with np.mean? and range? before coming to the exercise.
  • The exercise session will take place in the regular exercise session classrooms, with the following student distribution (same as before):
 INJ 218:  Abbey to Ding
 INM 10:   Djambazovska to Jimenez
 INM 200:  Jollès to Pugin
 INM 202:  Qasem to Zrouga

Good luck!