Graded Exercise Session 2

Graded Exercise Session 2

by Jan Bednarík -
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Dear students,

here are some more information regarding the 2nd graded exercise. Please note that there is a change in the rooms!

The exercise starts at 17:20 and you will have 1h30 to finish it. As mentioned before, you are allowed to use all course materials (lecture notes and previous exercise sessions). You are not allowed to use the internet except Moodle which you will need to download the assignment, upload your answers and you can use it to access the course materials.

Here is the distribution of the students:

INJ 218:  Abbey to Coppey
INM 10:  Corsin to Gengler
INM 200:  Gerber to Laporte
INM 202:  Lavanchy to Quellec
INF 1: Quelquejay-Leclere to Zrouga
BC 329: students with special needs

Good luck tomorrow!