Final Exam - Instructions and Seating Plan

Final Exam - Instructions and Seating Plan

by Jan Bednarík -
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Dear students,

the final exam is scheduled on Thursday 27.6.2019 and it will start at 16:15. You will have 120 minutes to finish (160 minutes for students with special needs). All students are divided into two rooms, PO and CO1, please check the attached document and make sure you know where to come and where you sit. We will let you in the rooms at 16:00.

The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and a couple of full-text questions. You are allowed to bring a handwritten cheatsheet with format A4 (double sided). You are not allowed to use any electronic devices. You are only allowed to use a dark blue or a black pen. Please check the attached document with more detailed instructions. It also explains the grading strategy.

If you have any questions, please ask them before the exam on Moodle discussion forum.

Good luck everyone!