International Declaration on Human Genetic Data: UNESCO

Handling Genetic Data in the Laboratory: Privacy Issues in Biomedical and Clinical Research 1998. Commision on Life Sciences

Genetic Data- Looking backwards, looking forwards: 1998

IBM to put Genetic Data of workers off limits: NY Times October 2005.

Your Genetic Data is a Snitch: Salon February 2009

Amgen to acquire DeCode: NY Times December 2012

There is now a proliferation of consumer self-testing kits.

23andMe SNPs for everybody, is undergoing FDA regulatory review to provide health information December 2013, after a warning letter from FDA. This has spawned other services (Promethease, and other tools) for analysis. Early 2015, the FDA has now approved the first consumer genetic test without going through a medical professional.

DeNA offers Mycode Genetic Testing

Finally, Henrietta's case (of HeLa cells) comes to some sort of closure, over genetic privacy.

Genetic Privacy Guidelines from NIH (USA) and the Canadian Government

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