The Reproducibility Project is open to anyone who is interested in the reproducibility of psychological science or in participating in a large-scale, open science project. Contributors receive authorship on project reports. The Reproducibility Project is now offering grants for replication projects!

The Reproducibility Initiative is a partnership between Science Exchange, PLOS ONE, figshare, and Mendeley, which aims to identify and reward the most careful and reproducible scientific research. ... If your study is chosen, the results of the validation studies will be provided to you in confidence, and you will have the option to publish the validated results in the PLOS ONE Reproducibility Collection.

This wiki is more for computational science.

The Sciblog's article on reproducibility of stem cell research.

The STAP cell controversy has sparked crowdsourcing of experiments to reproduce the published paper by Haruko Obokata on two Nature publications 2014.

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