ChE-310 Syllabus.pdfChE-310 Syllabus.pdf


Students will learn the fundamentals concepts related to molecular separations in industrial processes. Students will employ these concepts to design equilibrium-stage and rate-limited processes for the separation of homogeneous mixture.


Intended Learning Outcome

By the end of the course, students should be able to

Ø  Use of energy separating agent (ESA) and mass separating agent (MSA) for separating chemical mixtures.

Ø  Calculate composition of streams leaving a separation process using the concepts of mass and energy balances, phase equilibria, mass transfer and diffusion.  

Ø  Design equilibrium-stage separation process (number of stages, concentration of streams entering or leaving the processes) for the desired outlet concentration from a given feed.


Course Content

Mass and Energy Balances

Thermodynamics of Separations/Phase Equilibria/Degree of Freedom

Flash Distillation

Column Distillation

Multicomponent Distillation

Absorption and Stripping

Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Diffusion and Mass Transfer

Adsorption Processes

Membrane Processes