The brain analyzes a high density of sensory information and produces well-adapted motor output, called behavior. In this course, students will start learning about the cellular- and circuit bases of sensory and motor functions of the brain, a fascinating organ which is not yet understood completely. (301 char)


French Summary

Le cerveau analyse une haute densité d'informations sensorielles qu'il traduit en activité motrice et comportementale. Dans ce cours, les étudiants commencent à découvrir les bases cellulaires et les circuits des fonctions sensorielles et motrices du cerveau.



- Ion channels and Electrical excitability of neurons

- Excitatory- and inhibitory synaptic transmission between neurons

- Introduction to brain anatomy of mice and men

- The somatosensory system and nociceptive system

- The visual system

- Hearing

- Movement control by Spinal cord and brainstem

- Movement control by Cortex and basal ganglia

- Introduction to behavioral neuroscience: motivation, emotion, learning & memory