Homework 0 online

Homework 0 online

par Cristina Basescu,
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Dear students,

You can find the handouts for homework 0 under Week 1. For questions and discussions, please ask us:

- in-person when it is your turn to be at the TA session

- remotely during the TA session

- on Moodle via the dedicated forum for homework 0

- via the e-mail address of the course

You should have all received an invitation to create an account on gitlab.epfl.ch in order to be able to access your homework 0 repository. It contains the skeleton code for homework 0, as well as unit tests. This repo is private to you: only the course staff and yourself have access to it. You can clone the repository locally and push your code there for version management. A CI (continuous integration) pipeline will run for you on every code push. However, we do recommend to run the unit tests locally on your machine, in order not to overload the server.

All the best,

The CS-438 team