OP2 Feedback

OP2 Feedback

by Rishabh Iyer -
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Dear students,

We just released our feedback on your OP2 in Moodle. 
Like for OP1, the grading rubric for OP2 totals 10 points, and the translation to the usual 1-6 grade scale is not linear.
Nevertheless, to give you an idea of where you stand w.r.t others in the class, here is a histogram depicting the distribution of grades. 

Note, this OP had a single point reserved for submissions that went considerably above and beyond material that was discussed in class (e.g., source routing/RON/Triad). Do not worry about getting no points in this section; nobody got the full point and only a handful got 0.5. 
Lastly, the revision for OP2 is due at midnight on Sunday. Good luck!Uploading, please wait...

Best wishes,
POCS Staff