Announcement about Week 7 - Machine Virtualization

Announcement about Week 7 - Machine Virtualization

by Mark Johnathon Sutherland -
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Dear students,

This week on Tuesday, we are going to have a live lecture from Prof. Edouard Bugnion on machine virtualization. We strongly encourage all of you to attend. Prof. Bugnion is one of the founding members of VMWare, so you have an opportunity to learn about virtualization from one of the people who personally was involved in the field from its nascent days.

Part of his lecture will discuss a seminal paper on machine virtualization, "Formal Requirements for Virtualizable Third-Generation Architectures". As this paper can be dense and uses significant formalism, the teaching staff recommends that you read the paper in advance of the lecture if possible.

Additionally, OP3 is posted.

Best regards,

The POCS teaching staff.