OP3 - next steps

OP3 - next steps

by George Candea -
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Dear students,

For OP3, we will do something different from OP1 and OP2! We put you in groups, based on your individual OP3 submissions, and ask that each one of you review and grade (confidentially) the OPs of your group mates. You write your OP3 evaluations in the attached template and submit them by this coming Sunday 8-Nov at 23:59. During the next week, each group gets together and writes one common OP3 revision, which you then submit as a team by Sunday 15-Nov at 23:59.

The groups are shown below. We will email each group the OPs of the group members.

Group 1

  • Samuel Chassot
  • Sébastien Fulpius
  • Ekaterina Goltsova
  • Yuanlong Li
  • Zhanpeng Xie

Group 2

  • Ali Ansari
  • Clement Blaudeau
  • Yann Bollinger
  • Elsa Weber

Group 3

  • Yuchen Qian
  • Richard Roubaty
  • Louis Vialar
  • Jinyi Xian

Group 4

  • Antoine Brunner
  • Daniel-Florin Dosaru
  • Frédéric Gessler
  • Paul Alexandre Renaud

Group 5

  • Antoine Crettenand
  • Ergys Dona
  • Aaron Joos Lippeveldts
  • Lucas Ramirez
  • Mathieu Toubeix

Group 6

  • Daniel Grosu
  • Mohamed Khadri
  • Andres Sanchez
  • Eleni Zapridou

We hope you enjoy this new experience and take full advantage of its learning opportunities.


POCS Staff