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by George Candea -
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Dear students,

You will receive the feedback on OP3, including grades out of 6, by the end of today.

OP4 is due on Sunday, and the OP4 group revision will be due a week after that. We'll form groups before the end of Monday, and inform you accordingly. We'll provide you with general feedback on OP4 before the end of Tuesday, to give you some guidance in doing the group revision.

For the student presentations, we will send out by the end of Tuesday a form to sign up. In the meantime, please think about your favorite lesson from the BL paper and the favorite system that you've studied in POCS, and how that lesson applies to it. When signing up for a presentation slot, we will ask you to provide a title and abstract of your presentation (this won't be graded, it's just to help with logistics). This is not an urgent task, just fork off a background thread to think about this.

We expect to provide you the statement for OP5 sufficiently early so that you can start working on it as soon as you've turned in the OP4 group revision, if you wish to do so.

Finally, you might remember that past POCS finals are available in the public POCS repo. We expect this year's exam to be in the same spirit as last year's, except that it will be a take-home exam. It will of course be an individual exam, thus no collaboration permitted, but it will be 100% open-book.

Cheers, POCS Staff