[REMINDER] Final Presentations Vol.1 is tomorrow

[REMINDER] Final Presentations Vol.1 is tomorrow

by Enis Ceyhun Alp -
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Dear all,

The holly jolly time of the year is finally here: your final presentations. We'll have two sessions for the presentations: Thursday, December 17 @ 4-5pm and Friday, December 18 @ 8:45-10am. As we have announced before, we strongly encourage you to be present for both of the sessions unless you have a personal/academic conflict. Here are a few things to keep in mind for Thursday and Friday:

1) We'll be using the same Zoom room that we've used for the lectures this semester.

2) Please stay muted when you are not presenting.

3) A friendly reminder that even though multiple people will be presenting from each team, only one team member will share their screen and therefore will have control over the slide deck. Make sure that you've figured out a way as a team to present in this setting as smoothly as possible :)

See you tomorrow,

-cs234 staff