This course aims at introducing ancient materials and their investigation by non-destructive synchrotron and imaging techniques. The course has been lightened since last years. It will not anymore contain assignments to do at home but "live" assignments that we will do and correct in the class.

From a "chemistry of materials" point of view, case-studies on paintings, ceramics, stained glass, fossils will be presented and important concepts specific to ancient materials but not only,  introduced and discussed (multiscale, heterogeneity, representativity).

From a "physical chemistry" point of view, you will be introduced to X-ray absorption spectroscopy and X-ray fluorescence and we will see their use for imaging and time-resolved studies.

From an "analytical thinking" point of view, you will learn how a scientific publication is constructed, especially the introduction that answer the questions "why, what, where" that allow to define the "how".