The course is an introduction to heterogeneous catalysis for environmental protection and energy production. It focusses on catalytic exhaust gas cleaning as well as catalytic systems relevant for gaseous and liquid fuel production. The course includes three home exercises.

Summary (fr)

Le cours est une introduction à la catalyse hétérogène pour la protection de l'environnement et la production d'énergie. Il se concentre sur l'épuration des gaz d'échappement et sur les systèmes catalytiques pour la production de carburants. Le cours comprend trois exercices à la maison.


  • Basic introduction into heterogeneous catalysis
  • Preparation of heterogeneous catalysts
  • Characterization of heterogeneous catalysts
  • Exhaust gas catalysis for stationary power plants and internal combustion engines: Three-way-catalysis, oxidation catalysts, selective catalytic reduction, NOx storage reduction catalyst, soot filtration/oxidation, methane oxidation, SOx, volatile organic compounds, ...
  • Short introduction to gaseous and liquid fuels: refinery, coal, biomass gasification and renewable fuel production
  • Control the CO/CO2/H2 ratio and downstream synthesis: water-gas-shift (WGS) reaction, partial oxidation (POX), reforming reactions, methanation, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
  • Interesting experiments on the topics emission control, catalyst characterization and gaseous fuel synthesis will be conducted.

Emission control and energy processes will be teached partly by means of examples from research, showing how the basics of catalysis, advanced catalyst preparation and catalyst characterization are used to understand and develop catalytic systems in this field.