EDOC - General and external courses

Do you know how to write a successful fellowship or research grant application? During this course you will learn where to look for appropriate fellowship or research funding opportunities, how to apply, and how to prepare a written application. Additionally you will take part in a practice exercise providing insight into the writing and peer review processes. Course content:
  • Where to find appropriate research and fellowship funding
  • How to apply: A-Z of the proposal submission process
  • Factors which contribute to successful applications
  • Practice writing of a fellowship or proof-of-concept application
  • Practical experience of peer reviewing

This course focuses on the process of linking technology to market opportunities. Students will gain theoretical and practical knowhow on the process of market opportunity identification and evaluation in the context of new technologies, and on the development of a sound market opportunity strategy.

In this hands-on course, participants will develop evidence-informed skills relevant to supervising and evaluating students working on projects and labs that are characteristic of science and engineering.