Week Name Description
17 September - 23 September File Lecture 1: Introduction to Materials
File Yang-NatMater_2012.pdf

Current paradigm shift in materials sciences. Good overview of the field.

24 September - 30 September File Lecture 2: Ancient Materials

Introduction to ancient materials and their specificities. Brief presentation of typical fields of studies by means of case-studies.

File Gueriau_CaseStudy_Fossils
File Rouchon_CaseStudy_IronGallPaper
File Bertrand_Heterogeneity_Epistemology
File Meirer_Heterogeneity_Ceramics
File Cotte_Heterogeneity_Paintings
File Echard_CaseStudy_StradivariusVarnish
File Robinet_CaseStudy_SmaltDegradation
File Leroy_CaseStudy_ProvenanceMetal
File Welcomme_CaseStudy_XRDLeadWhite
8 October - 14 October File Lecture 3

Review of imaging techniques and sample preparation for imaging

File Legrand_Heritage Science_2014

Example of imaging in cultural heritage (various techniques)

File Lintern_GoldLeaves_2013

Example of chemical imaging (X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy)

File DeSmit_NatureLetters_2008

Example of nanoscale imaging of catalysts at work (by STXM imaging)

File Meirer_Sciau_SamplePrep_JAAS_2013
15 October - 21 October File Lecture 4 : Synchrotron and XAS

General overview of light-matter interactions. Focus on X-ray absorption spectroscopy.

File Bertrand_SynchrotronForAncientMaterials
22 October - 28 October File Robinet_AnalChem_2011
29 October - 4 November File Assigment 1 - Correction
5 November - 11 November File Lecture 6: Calculate depth of penetration X-rays
File Lecture 6 (with corrections)
12 November - 18 November File Lecture 7: Van Gogh Head
File Van Gogh AnalyticalPathway_Deciphered
File Dik_AnalyticalChemistry_2008
URL National Geographics movie "Behind the Scene"

Several examples of imaging techniques for painting and their use to draw conclusions about degradation states, later changes by the artists and  from an art history perspective.

Attention!! Some scientific imprecision that you should be readily able to detect...!

URL Movie XRF imaging

Example of XRF scanning on painting (Rembrandt)

26 November - 2 December File Lecture 8

X-ray absorption tomography and its application in ancient materials. Basic introduction to image acquisition and image treatment for analysis.

File Jacot_JAAS_2015.pdf

Example of the use of X-ray tomography to investigate transport phenomena in corroded archaeological artefacts.

3 December - 9 December File Correction Assignment 2
10 December - 16 December File How to make a good presentation
Simple but efficient tips to do a good presentation, that is getting enough attention of the audience so that they remember you and your message.

URL Don McMillan: Life After Death by PowerPoint
Laugh at it, you will retain the message better. :-)

URL Susan McConnell (Stanford): Designing effective scientific presentations