Assignment: Professional Development Report

The Professional Development Report will incorporate all of the formative individual module assignments and will serve as the summative assessment of your participation in the Effective Teaching in Higher Education Programme. Your Report should include:

1. Philosophy of Teaching Statement. (500-1000 words)

A teaching philosophy is a personal statement about your evolving educational beliefs Typical areas to cover are: (a) Your motivations for teaching (b) The methods you believe are best (c) Your teaching goals, methods and strategies (d) Explanation of how your teaching is consistent with these goals (e) Personal goals that you have set yourself as a teacher.

 The following guidelines may be useful.

2. Description of courses taught.

This includes a brief course description, profile of students , overview of your instructional roles and responsibilities, etc.

3. Portfolio entries.

These consist of the individual module assignments and should follow the following format (500-1000 words per entry)

  • A Label or Name for the Entry
  • The Context provides pertinent information about the incident or issue, the setting, the students, the activity being engaged in, etc.
  • Your Reflection based on the following four lenses:
    • Autobiographical: How did you reach this situation, what are your own assumptions and ideas on this situation?
    • Students’ perspectives:  How did students see the incident in question or the issue under discussion?  Such information can be collected through surveys, focus groups or interviews.
    • Colleagues’ perspectives: Each entry should be discussed with at least one colleague
    • What the literature tells you:  How does the literature see the issue at stake? 
  • Implications for Practice. What have you learned?

4. Personal Evaluation of Your Teaching and reflection on your growth as a teacher that addresses these questions (500-1000 words):

  • What are your greatest strengths as a teacher?
  • What do you need to work on to become a better instructor?
  • How will you continue to work to improve your teaching skills?