Article for exam

Your oral exam  (Monday 29. 01. 2018) will be composed at 80% of a brief presentation of an article, in the same vein as the assignments made during the course. The remaining 20% of your grade will be based on one or two questions about concepts and techniques learnt during the course.

You need to give me, before January 09 the article that you intend to present. Following criteria should be fulfilled:

  • The study deals with the analysis of ancient materials.
  • The techniques (imaging and spectroscopy) are related at least partly with those seen in the course.
  • Case-studies are preferred to methodological developments, although these latter might be accepted if clear enough to extract the Why?What?Where?How?.

EPFL online access to journals is rather broad. If however you cannot find the article, send me the reference and I will try to find it for you.

Once you deposed the article in this assignment, I will tell you as soon as possible if I accept it or not. In case not, you will have to find another one, still before January 10. So do not wait the last minute to find it! (you need anyway to read it and prepare for the oral).

Best of all,

Claire Gervais