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semester projects at LUTS

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semester projects at LUTS
by Isik Ilber Sirmatel - Tuesday, 29 January 2019, 4:31 PM

Dear students,

If you are interested in doing a semester project with our lab (Urban Transport Systems Laboratory, LUTS) please find below some information. As ISA does not allow for multiple choices, please register in the following links and when the assignment is complete, we will ask you to also register in ISA. Deadline is February 10.
Please find in the link below a document that summarizes different projects at LUTS:
Please add your 1st and 2nd preference in the following link:
Feel free to share this email with any other student at GC. If you prefer to work with a specific student in a project, you can add 2 names in a single entry. You can also contact directly any of the LUTS people if you have any specific questions of your project. After your responses we will try to make the most proper assignment and contact you before the semester starts for the final distribution.
your TAs