Brazil and antiretroviral drugs

Brazil was the trail-blazer to start producing generic HIV meds. Some context here, and here.

Reporting on Jose Serra's 2001 WTO negotiations here. Finally, it was Thailand, not Brazil that first used the Compulsory License to produce antiretroviral medicines. Reporting of Lula's 2007 (Luiz Incio Lula da Silva) Conpulsory License declaration here.

The TRIPS agreement clarification on public health is explained here.

Another solution proposed by Doctors without Borders was the Patent Pooling System established as one of the outcomes of Brazil's actions.

"Through licences, patent holders have an effective way to share their innovative products in resource-poor settings and may be compensated by a fair royalty. Low-cost manufacturers are producing affordable new medicines more easily and rapidly. Donors and developing country governments are stretching their budgets farther to treat many more people. And, most importantly, people living with HIV are gaining faster access to quality, life-saving treatments."

India Supreme Court vs Novartis on Gleevec patent.

Articles in NYTimes, Al Jazeera, Economic Times

Summary from NYTimes India blog here.

Full judgement can be found here.

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