"Funding agencies such as the European Commission with the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program now require, depending on specifics of the research project, the inclusion of a Data Management Plan (DMP) by which the management and safeguard of sensitive data (on humans notably) is ensured. This requirement not only concerns how the project is run, but also the submission of proposals.

As a result, the EPFL Presidency on January 26, 2015 has approved the creation of a service to support you in fulfilling this new requirement, which has become an important element in the planning, organisation, sharing and sustainability of your research data. Besides, a well-constructed DMP will enhance the visibility, reproducibility, and integrity of your research while helping you to save time in preserving your data for the long term.

EPFL’s DMP service is currently being set-up to guide and accompany you in this process, and will be operated in collaboration between the Research Office (ReO), the Library and Information Services (SISB) and the Vice-Presidency of Information Systems (VPSI). For more information, particularly if you are confronted with the issue as you are writing or submitting a proposal, please feel free to contact our colleagues at the following email address: datamanagementplan@epfl.ch"

Research Integrity and Ethics @EPFL
EPFL Research Office has now a consolidated webpage to all resources relevant to responsible conduct and ethics in 2015.

This includes Research Integrity, Ethics Assessment, whistleblowing procedures, online and face-to-face training.

EPFL Research Office

Their website has many resources relevant to grant writing, human research ethical review, and has recently (Fall 2014) updated their content.

This is the link for the Electronic Compendium of EPFL Laws, Ordinances, Regulations, and Directives

Mediation for UNIL and EPFL

EPFL Postdoc Association has some suggestions in addressing Problems
Media and Communications Office
We are here to help you communicate the results of your research - a discovery, a publication, a start-up - in Switzerland and around the world. We can also help you announce events or share news from your lab or group.


HUM-329 Ethical issues in scientific research

BIO-455 Introduction to Law and Ethics in Life Science Technology

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