The current model of scientific research in academia derives from what has worked well in post-WWII well-funded era. However, the model is starting to strain under the modern socioeconomic environment and the excess of imbalanced human resources and the insufficient consideration for the depleting natural resources.

Pew Research Center's AAAS Scientists' Views on the Scientific Enterprise as part of the Jan 2015 report on Public and Scientists' Views on Science and Society.

There is an organization called future of research, which has published a paper deriving from their 2014 symposium.

In this direction, it is hopeful that new granting schemes are being implemented, mainly through private foundations, such as the Gates Foundation, and the recent announcement of the Wellcome Trust's long-term grants. There are arguments set forth by a Wall Street Journal article that states technology development will occur without funding, and then the funded research will give basic understandings.

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