"Funding agencies such as the European Commission with the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program now require, depending on the specifics of the research project, the inclusion of a Data Management Plan (DMP) by which the management and safeguard of your research data is ensured.
Anticipating and preparing a well-constructed DMP will enhance the visibility, reproducibility, and integrity of your research while helping you to save time in preserving and protecting your research data for the long-term.
As a result, the EPFL Presidency on January 26, 2015 has decided the creation of a service to support you in fulfilling this new requirement, which has become an important element in the planning, organisation, sharing and sustainability of research data produced by your and your laboratory.
It engages your responsability to meet this new requirement for your research project; this has direct implications not only on how the project is run, but also on the timely submission of deliverables and proposals.
Our DMP service is ready to guide and accompany you in this process, and is operated in collaboration with the Research Office (ReO), the Library and Information Services (SISB) and the Vice-Presidency of Information Systems (VPSI). "

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