Test Coverage & Submission HW0:

Test Coverage & Submission HW0:

by Simon Alexander Reding -
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1. My tests seem to pass despite me not having implemented the printing to standard output. Is this the only required feature that is not tested automatically or could we get a complete list of features to test manually just so we can make sure that the program works as desired?

2. Just to make sure: are we supposed to do anything with the 'Handlers'  field in the Gossiper struct. I see that it is called from handlers.go but I have somehow never needed to call it while completing the assignment.

3. I was unable to find the submission link on moodle. Will it be online soon?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Test Coverage & Submission HW0:

by Kirill Nikitin -


1. In this homework, we do not actually need the printed output to evaluate your implementation because we are able to check everything with direct tests. So if your implementation passes, you are good to go. We kept it mainly as a reference so the students could debug the interoperability part (our reference implementation prints in the described way). Note that we might use the printed output for some of our tests in the next homeworks (each homework assignment will be self-sufficient in terms of all the necessary printing instructions). 

We are trying to keep all the requirements transparent, so we will test only the features that we have announced.

2. The 'Handlers' field can be used to store (see the RegisterHandler method) and retrieve handlers for each message type that your gossiper needs to handle. However, we do not require you to strictly follow our suggested code logic as long as your implementation works correctly.

3. Yes, we will open it within next couple of days.