Homework 1 remaining tests

Homework 1 remaining tests

by Cristina Basescu -
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Dear all,

We are pushing the remaining homework 1 unit and integration tests to the master branch of each of your repositories (some already updated, some underway). The delay in publishing the tests was the reason why we extended by 1 week the deadline for homework 1.

The test structure is similar to homework 0: the unit tests are in cli/cli_test.go and gossip/gossiper_test.go, and the integration tests are in gossip/bingossip_test.go. We've got a helper file for the integration tests (gossip/bingossip.go) and two binaries: gossip/hw1.linux.amd64 (the default image ran by the integration tests) and gossip/hw1.darwin.amd64. We will not provide a Windows binary, please use the Gitlab CI if your platform is Windows. 

The update also contains some changes to watchers and observers, needed for the testing (we'll post clarifications in a separate announcement).

The update shouldn't cause conflicts when you pull the master branch into your development branch. If you have any issues or concerns, please let us know.

Best regards,

The CS-438 team