Project presentation contents

Project presentation contents

by Cristina Basescu -
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Dear students,

Please find below the contents of your project presentations. Recall that the presentations need to be recorded and have time requirements, as specified in the general exam post.

- The presentation needs to include a title and introduction part, which should have names and photos of each group member, and subproject titles for each (summary of who did what).

- Each student needs to present the part of the project he/she closely worked on. Parts of the slide deck about a particular student's portion should have the student name in those slides' footer (maybe even a thumbnail photo).

- The presentation should ideally include, but not be limited to, what your subproject consisted of, how it fits within the project and with Peerster, the architecture, and select 1-2 challenges and how you overcome them. Also, clearly specify which features, developed in the homework, you chose to keep and which ones you dropped

- The presentation should include a demo for your system. The exact time during the presentation where you decide to include the demo is up to you (.e.g, at the end or parts of the demo before/after each part is presented, etc.).

Best regards,

The CS-438 team