Final project write-up

Final project write-up

by Kirill Nikitin -
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Dear students,

Please find below the contents that we expect you have in your final project write-up. Feel free to reuse the content from your previous project descriptions (from Phase 1 and 2). For each section of the write-up, we specify in parentheses how much (single-column) text either the whole team or each team member is expected to contribute. So if your team has 3 members, then for the section Background, you will write 3 * ~1/3 = ~1 page.

Introduction (~1/2 page per per team)

Briefly describe the problem that your project is trying to solve and explain your motivation for selecting this problem.

Background (~1/3 page per team member)

In your project, you likely rely on approaches and algorithms that have already been in use by the community. Summarize the main ideas and describe how these approaches are relevant to your system. Also, mention their limitations and justify how you have dealt with them in Peerster.

System Model & Architecture & Functionalities (~2 pages per team member)

Describe what system goals you aimed for in your project and whether you have achieved. Explain what overall architecture your system has and how different parts interact with each other. Please draw an architectural diagram with the interaction logic and, in addition, specify which team member has been responsible for which part. Finally, describe what concrete functionalities you have designed and implemented. For example, if you have implemented a distributed hash table, what purpose it serves in your system and how exactly you use it.

Evaluation (~3 pages per team)

Explain how you have evaluated your system: what metrics you measured, in what setup (for example, how many nodes you run), and what simplifying assumptions you made. Then, present the results of your evaluation, for example, using graphs and/or tables. Discuss whether the results are as they were expected, try to justify why deviations occur (if you experience any). Your system might deviate from the expected behaviour in some metrics, and that is totally ok, but we expect you to provide a hypothesis for the reason of this deviation.

The deadline for submitting your write-up is noon, Wednesday, January 27, 2021. Please submit your write-up as a pdf file, one per team. The submission page will be available later.

Best regards,

The CS-438 team