Informations about the final exam (:

Informations about the final exam (:

by Tom Louis Demont -
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As the exam is in less than a week, I would like to know if there were more informations about the final exam: its form, kind of questions ...

I cannot find in Moodle any information about it, it might be smooth to have a recap somewhere to remind essential informations (exam date, hour, duration ...); those informations can be found on ISA academia and the video lectures, but a recap at a visible place on Moodle sounds nice.

Also, regarding my last post, is there a particular reason for not publishing the last year final exam ? (you said the form and questions will be different but it could be helpful to have an interactive way to test ourselves on the course's material).


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Re: Informations about the final exam (:

by Enis Ceyhun Alp -
Hey Tom,

We'll post a message on Moodle early this week about the logistics of the final exam.

I don't think it matters why we don't publish the final exam. Since there's no requirement for us to publish it, we choose not to. That being said if you make sure that you understand the assigned readings and the material that Prof. Ford has covered in the lectures, you should be in good shape for the final exam.