Final grades

Final grades

by Jean-Cédric Chappelier -
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Dear INLP students,

as, I think, the SAC should now have released the grades, I should now
be allowed to publish the exam points on Moodle, which I did.

Let me emphasize that Martin and I dedicated quite some time on
arbitrating all the limit cases around 4.0, double checking the grades
and the final decision.
Thus, a final 3.75 is not the result of a bad rounding, but a checked
decision taken by the two of us looking at the overall results.

You can find, hereby attached, the solution of the exam (with some
statistics) for those who are interested.
I'll also send you soon, by individual email, the scan of your exam
sheets and the total of points.

Globally the final results this year are a bit better than last year:
87.7% success rate and 4.63 average grade. Here is the distribution of
the final grades:

Let me finish by wishing you all the best for the rest of your studies.