Error in BSP due to Mailbox

Error in BSP due to Mailbox

par Sacha Aleocha Nicholas Coppey,
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When trying to compile the code before downloading it on the board, we get a weird error in the BSP.

alt_sys_init.c:75:41: error: 'MAILBOX_SIMPLE_0_NAME' undeclared here (not in a function)

In system.h, there are only macros for the receiver and the sender interfaces of the mailbox. We do not know what could cause this. Did we use the wrong IP?

Here is our mailbox in qsys. The sender and receiver are both connected to the data masters of both cpus (via bridges).

Mailbox qsys

Sacha Coppey

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Re: Error in BSP due to Mailbox

par Dorian Niels Bignet,

Processors can't be connected to both sender and receiver at the same time. That's the source of the error. You should use two mailbox simple if you want bidirectional communication between the two processors or only one if it is not necessary.

Hope it will solve your issue,

Dorian Bignet