Homework 1 tests (first batch)

Homework 1 tests (first batch)

by Cristina Basescu -
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Dear students,

As we speak, the first batch of tests is being pushed to the master branch of your homework 1 repo. You'll find:

  • Plenty of unit tests for Part 1, on four topologies
  • Some simple unit tests for Part 2, covering DSDV only. 

Early next week, we plan to push:

  • Larger-scale unit tests for Part 1
  • A few more unit tests for Part 2 that cover both DSDV and private messaging
  • Simple integration tests for both parts

Later today, there'll also be an update to the skeleton files. This won't affect your implementation; there are merely some artifacts necessary for the tests. 

As before, please merge these updates into your development branch. Merging should cause no conflicts.

Please contact us if your repo isn't being updated in the next few hours.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the tests, please post on moodle or the group mailing list.

Best regards,

The CS-438 team