SPI communication from FPGA

SPI communication from FPGA

by Filip Slezák -
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For the project we are using an 8x8 led matrix that is controlled via SPI. I am open to other suggestions but after hours of trying alternatives I believe the problem is a matter of frequency on the parallel port. I basically took the library that works fine with my arduino and put it into eclipse. I tried clock frequencies 50, 10 and 5MHz , the led matrix controller supports 10MHz SPI according to documentation. The arduino I have is at 16MHz by default, what would you say is a correct frequency to try out? or how do I do this right?

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Re: SPI communication from FPGA

by René Beuchat -


you selected an SPI interface and you program it with the NIOS, I think.

You can use the signal tap logic analyzer of quartus, or the logic analyser that you received to observe the 4 signals of the SPI interface and compare with what you expected.