Friday May 28 (zoom) and June 4

Friday May 28 (zoom) and June 4

by Wulfram Gerstner -
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Dear students,

we are approaching the end of the semester, only two Fridays left. The program is the following:

Friday May 28:

(i) I give a short information session at 10h30 on 'How do I design the exam for the ANN class?' which is also an opportunity to ask general exam-related question.  Meeting ID: 625 1776 9645

(ii) Release of last batch of video lectures (series 12) and last  exercise series.

(iii) usual exercise session (on series 11)

Monday, May 31: Usual exercise session (on series 12). However, my  question session  at 17h30 is canceled.

Tuesday, June 1: Usual exercise session

Friday June 4: no new lecture material/no new videos. Exercise session (on series 12) as usual.

 June 14th, from 16:30 to 18:30.  extra exercise session for exam preparation  (as announced earlier)

best regards

Wulfram Gerstner