Generation of undesired interrupts.

Generation of undesired interrupts.

by Yehya El Hassan -
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I would like to ask about the following problem that I couldn't find any solution for. I am getting instruction not Implemented exception and the NIOSII execution breaks (this problem was not always present and the code used to execute normally and the design was working as expected).

In addition to that, this occurs when I start Camera acquisition and Memory log (i.e. this is done by setting the correct bit in the Avalon slave peripheral). You can find attached the simulation of the Unit which works as expected. Also I would like to note that this error occurs after the termination of the Avalon master transfer (i.e. the image is actually written into Memory). In addition to that, I verified that the correct signals are used on the Avalon using Signal Tap logic analyzer. 

I would like to also not that the my design doesn't include any interrupt generation.  In addition to that, the printf() function doesn't work just after starting the Camera_acquisition and Memory log while it works normally right before. 

Any ideas please on what might cause this exception (instruction not implemented) and how to resolve it?  

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Re: Generation of undesired interrupts.

by Yehya El Hassan -

I figured what issue finally is! The image buffer was overwriting JTAG registers/configurations generating spurious interrupts. It is now running back as normal.